1.     Why did I choose to make Handfasting Ribbons?

I chose these as a result of a friend’s request to make one for her “Handfasting Ceremony”. She knew that I loved dabbling in creative projects and while I was giving lots of thought as to what to make her that was different and would suit her personality, the “Tree of Life Handfasting” ribbon was born.

2.      How do I make my ribbons?

See the tab “Customizing the Ribbons” and the story continues.

3.     What materials do I use in my creations?

The best quality I can find. I do not buy my materials at either dollar shops or yard sales unless I am 100% sure the items are new and of the quality I require to ensure my customers are receiving a quality product. The ribbons are double sided satin (shiny on both sides – a sign of quality) and I usually use 2″ wide ribbon (folded). I do have a few ribbons that are 1 1/2″ wide, only because I am able to get extra colours in that size. The same standards apply to the other ribbons used on the handfast ribbons.

The other materials I use vary greatly. I use metal charms (silver & gold tone metal, some Sterling bits and metal beads, Czech crystals, Swarovski crystals and glass pearl beads, Semi-Precious stone beads such as: Iolite, Jade, Agates, Hematite, Rose Quartz, Coral & Onyx purchased at reputable bead shops or craft stores as well as Wood, Buttons and sometimes I am able to incorporate “Findings” such as a single (the other is lost) earring, lapel pin or broken necklace piece and antique items. I  add in at least  4-6 “Natural” items (mentioned above along with Mother-of-Pearl beads and natural chunks and Fresh Water Pearls) as well as a “Tree of Life” charm on each Handfast Ribbon.

4.     How long does it take to make one ribbon?

The initial machine sewing process takes from 1/2 to 1 hour long. Then I must make the other hand formed ribbon pieces and choose the items that will embellish the ribbon. The hand sewing can take anywhere from 4-6 hours plus the final finishing to complete (and then I go over them again and add anything I think will make it “Just Right”.

5.      Where do I manufacture the ribbons?

I have a very small “Craft Room” for creating, but I feel isolated in there, so I usually set myself up with a small table in front of the TV and hand sew in the evenings.


Anymore questions? Please feel free to contact me.