All about the Ribbons & Customizing your own!


Basically a Handfast Ribbon is approximately 6 feet in length but some are longer, some of mine are a little bit shorter.

I designed my Handfasting ribbons after the “Tree of Life”, the long curving thinner ribbon running the length of the handfast ribbon represents the “Branch” of a tree. The loops, bows, folded ribbon decorations and actual beads or charms all are meant to enhance the “branch” and denote the “Leaves” of the tree.


The Process:

I make mine from Rayon satin double sided ribbon that is 2″ wide (folded in half).  Then I machine stitch the curved thinner ribbon on one side of the ribbon and add on the “leaves” as I sew along or add them as I do all the added on items by hand sewing them on. Just some of the items I add to the ribbons are:

*Satin ribbon flowers

*Jewellery bits

* Crystals:  Czech crystals and Swarovski crystals

*Semi-precious gem stones (Tiger Eye, Turquoise, Agate, Iolite and other stones)

* Pearl Types: Fresh Water Pearls, Mother-of-Pearl (beads or shells) and Swarovski glass beads

* Wood

*Metal charms like: Hearts, Crosses, Pentagrams, Angel wings and more.

The ribbon is then returned to the folded position so the back of the Handfast Ribbon is plain and smooth and hides all the stitching. I then sew along the open edges and add in tassels at each end and the ribbon is complete.


I can easily Customize the ribbons with your choices:

– If you wish, I can mail you small snippets of the colours of ribbons you choose to be sure it will be the correct colour for your occasion.

 Here WE GO!!

Customers can choose the colour of the base ribbon from the following colours:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Cream
  4. Red
  5. Light Brown
  6. Dark Brown
  7. Dark Blue
  8. Light (Baby) Blue
  9. Light Celery Green
  10. Emerald Green
  11. Dark Green
  12. Light Pink
  13. Magenta Pink
  14. Dark Purple
  15. Pale Mauve
  16. Bright Yellow
  17. Pale Yellow
  18.  Silver
  19. Gold
  20. Bright Orange
  21. Rainbow Mix (Dark Colours)
  22. Rainbow Mix (Light Colours – See Pagan Pride)

See the colour chart further down.


Customers can then choose what colour they want for the “Branch” running the length of the base ribbon:

  1. Same or similar colour as the base ribbon
  2. Light Brown
  3. Dark Brown
  4. A Contrast Colour: See Pagan Pride as an example

See the colour chart further down.

Customers further input what colour for the loops which symbolize the leaves:

  1. Same or similar colour as the base ribbon
  2. Light Green
  3. Emerald Green
  4. Dark Green (Blue-Green)
  5. No Leaves

The chart is not 100% accurate, but close enough to make a choice or choose when conversing on e-mail.


Handfasting Colour Ribibons

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