All about Me:


  1. My creative name is Winter Ravyne Star and I am a Witch.

I do not belong to a coven, and am what is considered to be a “Solitary Witch” (I practice on my own). But here is what I have learned about the history of  Handfasting:

Hand Fasting or Handfasting, is a very old ceremony done as a temporary wedding. Because there were lots of little villages in western Europe ages ago, it would sometimes take a preacher/clergy about a year to make his rounds to all of the little towns. The people who wanted to “Tie-the-Knot” would dress in their best clothing and gather in front of the church where the they would be handfasted for A Year and a Day” .

As the couple held hands, a cord/ braided ribbon or cloth would be wrapped around their hands (Tying-the-Knot) and they would be wed. When the preacher/clergy made it back to their town a year later, they would decide whether to stay together or not. If they remained together they could then be married in front of the church doors or simply continue to live together as man & wife (weddings were not performed inside the church for peasants at that time) if they chose not to stay together, they undid the knot. There are other versions of this history, but this is the one I like.

A few years ago I got my friend interested in Wicca/Paganism and she wanted me to make her Handfasting ribbon and perform the ceremony (even though it was not legal). That is where I got the idea for the “Tree of Life” theme for my ribbons.

My friend sent me this picture to use on her invitations (there were 4 of us plus the bride & groom) and it inspired me to create my first “Tree of Life Handfasting Ribbon” – my “Traditional” Handfasting Ribbon – Tree of Life

which I make in White or Cream and with either light branches and leaves or the darker branches and leaves colour.

The Dryad and the Tree Spirit

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This is: The Dryad and the Tree Spirit